DishPlay: Play with the grey.

DishPlay™ gives boring old satellite dishes a new look.
Express your individuality and interests with a custom DishPlay™ cover.
DishPlay™ can be used for marketing, branding and promotional purposes.
DishPlay™ can bring character and charm in endless ways.
DishPlay™ can be customized to match your home or business exterior.
Businesses can use DishPlay™ as an advertising space.
Personalize your home with DishPlay™.
DishPlay™ can brighten up a whole apartment building!

What is it?

DishPlay™ is a protective, weather-resistant cover for consumer satellite dishes. This sturdy cover is fully customizeable with colors, patterns, photos, logos, sports teams, ads and more.

DishPlay™ also protects your dish and your signal from rain, snow, bird droppings and debris with its patented flat panel design.

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Become a licensee

With over 80 million customers worldwide, the home Satellite industry is a large and still rapidly growing market. With 2 strong patents, and a very high profit margin, Dishplay™ is offering investors and licensees the opportunity to cash in on a new product in an established market with an exclusive license.

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How it works

DishPlay: How it works

A drawback for potential satellite TV subscribers has been the "ugly grey dish" needed to receive programming. The dish is often seen as a blemish upon the property of the subscriber and an unnecessary deterrent to new customers.

DishPlay™ is the solution.

DishPlay™ offers the subscriber a fun, easy, and inexpensive way to cover the "eyesore"—usually attached to their property by contract—while providing an opportunity to customize it and express their individuality and interests.

Why use DishPlay™


  • Rigid plastic cover for the DTH (Direct To Home) satellite dish.
  • Snaps securely around the entire dish and permits normal signal transmission.
  • Provides a rigid outer surface, ideal for branding, advertising and decorative use.
  • Can be produced and printed to accommodate any consumer model DTH dish.
  • Made of UV (Ultra Violet) resistant plastic and protects the dish from rust, picture loss from moisture build-up, and heat derived from UV rays.
  • Also protects the dish from weather, debris, bird droppings, and the like.

Become a licensee

DishPlay™ will provide a solution for the consumer worried about placing an eyesore on their home while offering the DTH provider a solution to their biggest drawback.

Potential customers for DishPlay™ can be reached directly through current subscriber avenues (bills/mailers).

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DishPlay: Become a licensee

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About the inventor

As a well traveled artist with a degree in international marketing, I pay close attention to my surroundings. My goal is creating unique products for new and expanding markets.

With an understanding of the market, I created DishPlay™ to bring individuality, functionality and beauty to an otherwise drab necessity.

It's time to play with the grey.

Michael Courtney
Michael Courtney